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Comparison ProReports with JasperServer

Graphical interface to create reportsYesNo
Different types of data sourcesYesYes, but list poorer than in JasperServer
Support for popular formats (PDF, XLS, RTF, HTML,TXT,XML,CSV)YesYes
Support for multiple databasesYesYes
Dashboards for managersYesYes
Ability to extend the functionality by pluginsYes(Java, Groovy)Yes(Java,PHP)
Multiplatform (AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows)Yes(Windows,Linux)Yes
Access to the reports by the browser WWWYesYes
Internal schedule generation of reportsYesYes
Ability to generate reports from the command line (windows and unix)YesYes
Ability to generate reports in java codeYesYes
Possibility of mass generation and processing of reportsYesYes
Definable forms for parameters of reportsYesYes
Support for permissions to reportsYesYes
Multilingualism (UTF-8 support) in reportsYesYes
Integration with the language RYesYes
Support for very large reportsYes(but you must use virtualizer in java code)Yes (tested 5 000 000 records in pdf - 25 000 pages - report generated to 2 hours - most of the time took the creation of PDF file)
Digitally signed PDF reportsYesYes
Support for barcodes in reportsYesYes
Support for charts in reportsYesYes
Suport for XML fields in databasesYesYes
Support for stored procedures (PL/SPL)Yes (only as subreport)Yes
Data filters to generate reportsNoYes
Reports based on RTF templatesNoYes
Multithreaded execution of SQL queriesNoYes
Support for temporary tablesNoYes
Multiple SQL queries in one reportNoYes
Support for table with dynamic columns in reportNoYes
Support for other commands SQL that SELECT, for example CREATE TEMP TABLE....NoYes
Module for automatically send reports (e-mail)NoYes
Sending reports (e-mail) with GPG encryptionNoYes
Connection pooling for databasesNo(?)Yes
Support for CIFS/SMB protocolNo(?)Yes
Integration with Python languageNoYes
Reports "man in the middle"NoYes

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Page last modified on August 03, 2020, at 10:43 AM EST