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Features of ProReports

  • multiple SQL queries in one report,
  • multiple datasource in one report,
  • support for temporary tables,
  • support for stored procedures (PL/SPL),
  • execute not SELECT sql command,
  • multilingualism (UTF-8 support) in reports,
  • multiplatform (AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows)
  • support reports based on RTF templates,
  • support for popular formats (PDF, XLS, RTF, HTML, TXT, XML, JSON, CSV, PNG, GIF),
  • digitally signed PDF reports,
  • support for multiple databases,
  • dashboards for managers,
  • ability to extend the functionality by adding modules PHP and JAVA,
  • access to the reports by the browser WWW,
  • internal schedule generation of reports,
  • module for automatically send reports (e-mail) with GPG encryption, ZIP compression,
  • connection pooling for databases,
  • ability to generate reports from the command line (windows and unix),
  • possibility of mass generation and processing of reports,
  • definable forms for parameters of reports,
  • support for permissions to reports,
  • data filters to generate reports,
  • multithreaded execution of SQL queries,
  • tool for building REST API (microservices).
  • integration with AD (Active Directory, Kerberos)
  • support for CIFS/SMBv2 protocol

Extended features

  • integration with R language
  • integration with Python language
  • reports "man in the middle"

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Page last modified on August 07, 2022, at 09:51 PM EST