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Documentation index

Server installation

Start/Stop server

  • Start - Starting ProReports server
  • Stop - Stopping ProReports server

Server access

Server administration

User management
Dictionary management
Add/Define resources

Form handling

Datasource handling

File handling

Create reports
Manage reports
Manage server logs
Backup/Restore server database

Sending e-mails via ProReports (limited access)

Simple reports

Manager's dashboards

Automatic report generation

  • Internal schedule - Automating report generation through the use of an internal system schedule ProReports
  • External schedule - Automation generation of reports using the system UNIX/Windows scheduler

Plugin handling

Report generation in java language

Report generation in python language

Articles with limited access

Note: The following pages are listed here so that they can include a #faq section and have the questions appear on the FAQ page.

The problem is that these pages become part of the trail

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