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If you are using commercially ProReports pay donate:




If you have paid donate send me e-mail with Your data or transaction number to receive an access code to articles with limited access.



ProReports is offered as Freemium and therefore has limitations.

Annual limit of diagram reports is set to 5 but simple reports are unlimited. In commercial use this is definitely not enough but you can increase this limit. How to do it read below.

The limit can be increased by making a donation.

  • In addition, You will receive an access code (for one year) for limited articles from this site
  • e-mail support.

How You can change annual limit of reports?

  • Donate (I prefer PayPal.Me, minimum 100€) and inform me via e-mail (in e-mail inform me about count of years Your donate - see below rule calculating the annual report limit).

The rule calculating the annual report limit

(Value of Donate)/(Ratio*Count of Years) + 5 = Annual limit of reports but only for Count of Years.

100 - 500 €5
501 - 1000 €4
1001 - 1500 €3
1501 - 2000 €2
2001 - ∞ €negotiated

for example:

- Donate for 3 years:

  (100€/(5*3)) + 5 = 12 annual reports for three years   


- Donate for one year:

  (100€/(5*1)) + 5 = 25 annual reports for one year (next years only 5 report per year)   
  • I will give You the codes back (like below):
CodeValid on

Each code is only valid for one day! As you can see you have a few days to change the limit.

  • In ProReports launch report AnnualLimitOfReports (ID=273)

If You deleted report you can download this report from this site. After download You must import this report in Your instance of ProReports.

  • Enter the code (corresponding with the date from You table of codes) You received in the form
  • After the report is completed (if you entered the correct code), a message about the new limit value will be displayed

You will receive one additional report for every (Ratio*1) € per one Year, for example if You donate 200 euro for Year you limit of reports will be 45 reports for one year (200/(5*1)+5). After year limit will be changed to 5 reports. If You donate 200 euro but for 5 years you limit of reports will be 13 reports per year (200/(5*5)+5) - see calculating the annual report limit.

Calculation - Donate/Ratio/Number of reports per year

 Number of reports per year
DonateRatio1 year2 years3 years4 years5 years
100 €5251512109
200 €54525181513
300 €56535252017
400 €58545322521
500 €510555383025
 RatioSignificant increase in number of reports per year
600 €415580554335
700 €418093634940
800 €4205105725545
900 €4230118806150
1000 €4255130886855
 RatioSignificant increase in number of reports per year
1100 €33721881279778
1200 €340520513810585
1300 €343822214911392
1400 €347223816112298
1500 €3505255172130105
 RatioSignificant increase in number of reports per year
1600 €2805405272205165
1700 €2855430288218175
1800 €2905455305230185
1900 €2955480322243195
2000 €21005505338255205

This page may have a more recent version on PmWiki:Limits, and a talk page: PmWiki:Limits-Talk.

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Page last modified on February 09, 2021, at 08:06 AM EST