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Create maps for Toast UI Chart library


  • Download converter tuichartmap enable on this site.
  • Uncompress file in any directory, for example c:\maps.
  • From site download maps of the countries you want.
  • Write selected files (<country>High.svg) to the same directory as converter tuichartmap.exe.
  • Change names of files from <country>High.svg to <country>.svg.
  • Run cmd process in directory of converter.
  • Convert files (as command line):

tuichartmap.exe <country>.svg

for example:

tuichartmap.exe spain.svg
Convert: spain.svg -> spain.js
  0 ES-AN      Andalusia
  1 ES-AR      Aragon
  2 ES-AS      Asturias
  3 ES-CB      Cantabria
  4 ES-CL      Castile and Leon
  5 ES-CM      Castile-La Mancha
  6 ES-CN      Canary Islands
  7 ES-CT      Catalonia
  8 ES-EX      Extremadura
  9 ES-GA      Galicia
 10 ES-RI      La Rioja
 11 ES-MD      Madrid
 12 ES-MC      Murcia
 13 ES-NC      Navarra
 14 ES-IB      Balearic Islands
 15 ES-PV      Basque Country
 16 ES-VC      Valencia

to <country>.js.

This repeat for all *.svg files.

  • Move all converted files (*.js) to directory <proreports_dir>webapps-plus/rep/lib/tui-chart/tui-chart-3.11.2/maps

At this moment you can use new maps in the report (usage example - look at report TUIChart).

This page may have a more recent version on PmWiki:Maps, and a talk page: PmWiki:Maps-Talk.

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Page last modified on November 08, 2020, at 09:54 PM EST