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ProReports is simple reporting system designed to generate reports in popular office formats - PDF, XLS, RTF, HTML, TXT, XML, CSV, PNG, GIF. These reports are generated based on the definition in the internal database system. ProReports supports jrxml (JasperReport) format. This type of report templates can be prepared in external editor, such as iReport. Also user can prepare report in internal format of ProReports (simple Visual Programming Language mixed with PHP and JAVA). This give him very high flexibility because in this format there are almost no limits and this is the true power of this simple system. To the system we can attach own plug-ins written in PHP or JAVA. System is rather framework for programming reports (and not only - is a good tool for building REST API microservices) than drag&drop tool.


  • multiple SQL queries in one report,
  • multiple datasource in one report,
  • support for temporary tables,
  • support for stored procedures (PL/SPL),
  • execute not SELECT sql command,
  • multilingualism (UTF-8 support) in reports,
  • multiplatform (AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows)
  • support reports based on RTF templates,
  • support for popular formats (PDF, XLS, RTF, HTML,TXT,XML,CSV, PNG, GIF),
  • digitally signed PDF reports,
  • support for multiple databases,
  • dashboards for managers,
  • ability to extend the functionality by adding modules PHP and JAVA,
  • access to the reports by the browser WWW,
  • internal schedule generation of reports,
  • module for automatically send reports (e-mail) with GPG encryption, ZIP compression,
  • connection pooling for databases,
  • ability to generate reports from the command line (windows and unix),
  • possibility of mass generation and processing of reports,
  • definable forms for parameters of reports,
  • support for permissions to reports,
  • data filters to generate reports,
  • multithreaded execution of SQL queries,
  • tool for building REST APImicroservices.
  • integration withwith AD (Active Directory, Kerberos)

Extended features

  • integration with R language
  • integration with Python language
  • reports "man in the middle"

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Page last modified on August 07, 2022, at 09:49 PM EST